Welcome To 1st Choice Cufflinks Blog!


Hey There! Greetings To 1st Choice Cufflinks First Blog Post (:


Welcome! You are looking at my first blog post on the 1st Choice Cufflinks website, starting a new, my name is Sean and I am re-branding the website along with a couple of other dedicated writers who you will no doubt get to know over time. We are raising the site from the ashes, from the old and traditional to modern and trending fashion styles, articles and ultimately aiming to make something just a little bit cooler for people to look out for. My main goal for this blog is to provide you, the wonderful readers, with interesting content that you actually want to read, offers on top brand products and discount codes that are exclusive to the readers of this blog. I have even been given the opportunity by 1st Choice Cufflinks to offer you free gifts when subscribing to the mailing list!


Having worked with 1st Choice Cufflinks for a number of years now and previously worked in the men’s luxury fashion industry, I am keen to offer my advice and opinions on the subject and join in with the blogging community. This is the reason I decided to host my blog in partnership with 1st Choice Cufflinks as together we have the knowledge and resources to give you the best possible information on the products and topics that concern business and formal wear. I always say if you have the knowledge why not share it!


I have a creative streak clearly, and as well as guest posting and writing blogs I also create all my own infographics, but more importantly I am happy to share and provide images and infographics for others too.


Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post, I hope you stay with me and share your style tips and photos too; you may even get featured on the blog!